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About Us

Standing Comfort is the newest name in the FOOT wellness industry, providing a broad collection of branded comfort footwear to keep you tranquil, on the job, and ready for another workday.

The Standing Comfort  experience is clearly different.  The collection consists of multi branded footwear designed for overall body health.  The goal is to provide designs that support and possess high performance features that move you comfortably through your day.

Mission Statement

Standing Comfort offers a gateway, connecting consumers to an extended family of comfort and quality footwear. Based on 130 years of research in footwear technology we are dedicated to improve the awareness of comfort footwear and committed to improve your health. Ultimately, our goal is to distribute & sell the finest quality of comfort footwear and accessories for your foot wellness.

Standing Comfort offers collections that keep you fit and offer the widest range of sizes, including narrows and wide-wides.