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Discover your Foot Comfort Zone through these helpful tips when you choose your footwear.

  •  Added depth for extra room reduces strain on those toes.
  • Removable inner soles allow you the capability to use your own personalized orthotics therefore providing a custom fit for your foot comfort.
  • Supportive heel stabilizers (what exactly is this?) provides firm support around the heel preventing slippage and reduces irritation.
  • Padded/Cushioned collar and or tongue - reduces friction and prevents slippage.
  • Steel Tempered Shank- offers strength and stability with functional support to the arch.
  • Adjustability - Velcro® can improve support and foot comfort.
  • Outsoles- key characteristics to look for include slip resistance or flared outsole to enhance stability.
  • Consult a professional podiatrist who is trained in the mechanics of your foot wellness.